at Riverside Dental Group will describe the possibility of straightening your teeth in as few as six months.

Traditional Braces

Even people who were fortunate enough to have metal braces on their teeth back when they were younger can end up with shifted teeth over time. Particularly at risk are those who failed to faithfully wear their post-braces retainers for the time recommended by their orthodontist.  Perhaps you are someone who was never lucky enough to have braces when you were younger, but you always wished your smile was straighter. Even still, two years of metal orthodontics can be daunting and easy to avoid, no matter how insecure you are about your teeth. Six Month Smiles makes your orthodontic endeavors relatively incognito thanks to clear brackets and wires which blend in with your natural tooth color.

Nearly Invisible Braces

Most adults have lifestyles or job situations which promote uncomfortable feelings regarding wearing traditional braces at all, let alone committing to years of treatment. The Six Month Smiles program eliminates many of these common embarrassments because of the fact that the brackets and wires are tooth colored or clear. Almost all qualified cases can be completed within the six month timeframe because the treatment focuses only on the part of your smile which is most visible when you flash a grin. Six Month Smiles also utilizes gentle force. Many patients report the procedure as being a much more comfortable orthodontic treatment than they ever anticipated.

Six Month Smiles from Riverside Dentists

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