will occur just the same, as well as some other potential dental health downfalls.

Cavities from Soda

Soda can cause cavities for a couple of different reasons, namely sugar and acid. The high concentration of sugar in sodas can easily ramp up acid and feed germs. Bacteria rely on sugar to multiply and create even more lactic acid by-products, in addition to the acid in soda. This damages your protective tooth enamel. Furthermore, any soda (other than clear) is full of natural and unnatural pigments which can cling to any plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and create unattractive staining.

Coffee Stains

Coffee actually has some cited benefits in terms of dental health. Certain research studies show that compounds in coffee contribute to stronger teeth and gums. Trigonelline, chlorogenic acid, and nicotinic acid are all found in coffee and may potentially help stop bacteria from clinging to your teeth. Still, coffee is acidic, so if you load it up with lots of sugar, you are risking undoing any potential dental benefits which might be found in the coffee bean. Furthermore, the dark pigment of coffee causes major staining on the surfaces and between your teeth. You may wish to stick to iced coffee after professional whitening, however, because drinking through a straw will help you bypass teeth with the dark liquid, thereby avoiding future stains.

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