at Dental Associates of Corona. Providing our youngest patients with a soothing, comfortable, and enjoyable environment complete with comprehensive services for children is a passion of ours. These services don’t stop at cleanings and fluoride treatments, either.

Teeth Grinding in Children

Kids  know what stress is, whether we want to believe it or not. Stress compiles as each year passes, but there are many reasons for a child to feel pressure. For one thing, as a society, we seem to be pushing our children much harder these days. They’re exposed to more and they’re growing up faster. One way that people  react to stress (regardless of age) is to grind and clench their teeth. Clinically known as bruxism, teeth grinding can cause the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) to become chronically inflamed and sore. Teeth grinding also wears teeth down, damaging enamel and opening up your child’s smile to rapid decay. Luckily, when your child is brought in on a regular basis for dental checkups, teeth grinding damage can be quickly halted with customized nightguards that are worn while they sleep.

Orthodontics as Early as Possible

Orthodontic issues can now be tackled at a younger age for children. Straightening your child’s teeth at the earliest age possible can mean the least invasive and cost-prohibitive methods may suffice. Putting off orthodontics that your child needs can have dire consequences. Malocclusion and crooked, overlapping teeth are not merely a cosmetic dental issue. Well-aligned and straight smiles are much easier to keep clean with daily brushing and flossing. Furthermore TMJ discomfort is less likely when teeth are on the straight and narrow. And of course, your child is bound to thank you in their teen years when they have had a flawless smile for years already.

Dental Checkups from Corona Dentists

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