at Riverside Dental Group do our very best to provide comfortable experiences for children, parents (and all of our patients for that matter) are likely to feel some anxiety. Children don’t often feel excited about going to the dentist. Still, protecting your child’s teeth with good prevention is likely to make every single biannual dental visit fast and easy for your child. As a part of this plan, dental sealants and fluoride treatments give your child’s teeth super strength to fight off the bacteria that cause cavities.

Fluoride Treaments

Fluoride can protect teeth from cavities. In-office topical fluoride treatments provide added strength to a child’s tooth enamel. Enamel is a natural protector for the dentin of human teeth. Fluoride is also found in dental care products which your child should be using daily. You may also consider finding out if your city’s municipal water supply is fluoridated. People who drink tap water infused with fluoride have statistically lower tooth decay rates.

Dental Sealants

Experience just isn’t there for children when it comes to brushing and flossing. We recommend that parents assist children with oral hygiene practices at least until 8-years-old (or until they have the dexterity and responsibility to commit to two minutes of consistent brushing twice a day). Still, it can still be a struggle to get a deep cleaning on the furthest back teeth, even for the most diligent child. Unfortunately, these are the very teeth most inundated with food particles which can feed bacteria and contribute to acid and plaque. Dental sealants are comprised of a thin, clear, plastic material which is painted onto the chewing surfaces of molars. Sealants protect tooth enamel by providing a nice water-proof barrier without even being felt by your child.

Visit Your Riverside Dentists

Many of our Riverside dentists specialize in dental care for children. With a gentle and friendly manner, your pediatric specialist will ease your children’s dental anxieties and provide them with the quality care they need. We can provide the whole family with x-rays, cleanings, exams, or meet any of your other comprehensive dentistry needs. Whether you are interested in preventive, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry services, we have you covered. We can also meet your orthodontic needs. Call our 92504 dentist office at (951) 689-5031 for all of your dental care needs.