Have you ever gone to the dentist to receive a filling? Chances are the doctor asked if the filling felt too high before sending you on your way. Occasionally, fillings can be placed too high causing discomfort for patients. Tooth pain can leave patients unable to enjoy life to the fullest. Day-to-day activities can be impacted due to tooth pain caused by a high filling. The Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona outline the reasons high fillings cause tooth pain and how to fix high fillings.

How to Avoid High Fillings

In most cases, when a filling is placed the dentist will ask a patient whether or not the filling feels at the appropriate height. Although it can be difficult to accurately determine the height of a filling while experiencing numbness, patients need make their best assessment possible. Even when patients are sure of the height, high fillings can still occur.

A high filling is a filling which is placed too high causing unnecessary contact between the filling and corresponding teeth. As the high filling continues to make contact with other teeth, it causes swelling and inflammation of the periodontal ligament. The periodontal ligament grows tender as too much pressure is being applied to the tooth with the high filling.

How Do I Fix a High Filling?

In most cases, high fillings will need to be ground down and leveled by the applying dentist. Usually, grounding down the high filling will result in diminished pain and increased comfort. Most patients will be able to tell almost immediately that their dentition is back to normal once the filling is placed at the proper height. Pain and discomfort may continue for several days. In the event that tooth pain persists for up to two weeks, it could be a sign of further oral health issues which need to be addressed by your Corona dentist.

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