You may not think of your lips as a part of your dental health, but when you go in for an exam and checkup, your dentist will be looking at every part of your mouth. Sores, bumps, and lesions on the tongue, gums, inner-cheeks, and lips are all subject to examination for oral cancer. Keeping your lips healthy, especially during the rough conditions of winter weather, is an important element in your overall oral health. Here are some great tips for preparing your lips for cooler weather, as well as what to look for in terms of oral cancer.

Keeping Lips Soft and Healthy

Have you ever experienced awful chapped lips when the temperature drops? Cold weather and hot weather can both be dehydrating, but the last thing you tend to crave in cold weather is a big glass of cool water. Hot beverages like coffee and hot cocoa might be your standbys in cooler months, but be sure to get plenty of H20. Your lips will thank you, as they are able to stay moist and crack-free through any season. And your teeth will receive the benefit of ample moisture to wash away the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and neutralize tooth-damaging acids.

Oral Cancer Screenings at Dental Checkups

Oral cancer red flags are something your dentist will look for at all of your dental checkups. If caught early, there is a high rate of success in fighting oral cancer. When left undiagnosed, however, like any cancer, the disease can be life-threatening. Approximately 40,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. The good news? There is an 80% to 90% survival rate for oral cancer patients if they receive an early diagnosis and treatment plan. So keep your lips healthy this winter and every winter with proper hydration, and always contact your dentist if you see something suspicious on any part of your mouth.

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