Perhaps you have severe dental anxiety, or an out-and-out phobia. You are certainly not alone. However, there are ways for you to get the dental work you need, without having to even be awake for it. Can you imagine sleeping through your entire dental visit? No matter what dental procedure you’re in need of, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to quell your fears of going to the dentist. The Moreno Valley dentists at Moreno Valley Dental  say you should leave the complexities of sedation dentistry to them, while you dream about the bright, beautiful smile you’ll soon wake up with.

Putting off Dental Work

People that are uncomfortable about going to the dentist will often put off years of cleanings and necessary dental procedures. The problem is, once your teeth are damaged and/or decaying, your dental health can be on a quick downward spiral. With IV sedation, you can finally get all of your dental work done at once, with no memory of the procedure. Whether you abhor the sounds and smells of a dental office, or you fear that dental procedures will cause pain, we will be able to give you a pleasant experience that may even have you looking forward to future appointments.

Is IV Sedation Safe for You?

IV sedation is both safe and effective. You should always seek a dentist that is licensed and certified by the state that they practice in. IV sedation dentists receive formal training in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and are equipped with outpatient hospital monitoring devices. Thorough training required for licensure and certification will assure that your dentist is proficient in monitoring your vital signs. Your heart rate and blood pressure will be kept track of. In depth knowledge of emergency procedures will have been an important element of sedation dentistry education. Your dental team will be able to provide with a completely safe dental experience.

Visit your Moreno Valley Dentists

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