Have you ever heard that the best oral hygiene goal is to brush teeth two times each day for two minutes at a time? In just four minutes of a 24 hour period, you and your children can be well on your way to healthier teeth. The Riverside pediatric dentists at Riverside Dental Group, wants to echo this message. See how much more you know about oral hygiene by trying your hand at the true-or-false quiz below.


Q1. True or false – Humor can help to drive a message like good tooth brushing habits home to children.

Q2. True or false – Organization can make it easier to keep up with oral hygiene practices.

Q3. True or false – A child’s toothbrush should be straight and never angled.


A1. TRUE – Taking care of kids’ mouths begins with ample instruction and education from parents. Recent advertising campaigns to get children to brush more and properly utilize humor to grab the attention of kids and parents alike. Using amusing advertising tactics are one thing, but try using humor at home to engage your child in their dental self-care. It could be as simple as pretending to squirt toothpaste into your mouth, brushing your teeth next to your child while making funny faces in the mirror, or looking around frantically for your toothbrush when it’s already in your hand. When you get your child giggling, they’ll be more likely to look forward to brushing and flossing time as opposed to dreading it.

A2. TRUE –  Consider making a kid-friendly checklist. When a child is allowed to mark off their successful sessions of brushing teeth for the full two minutes, they’ll begin to take more pride than ever in their oral health.

A3. FALSE –  An angled toothbrush can help children hit all spots of their teeth. Don’t forget to educate your little one on proper flossing techniques.

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