Lower Risk of Periodontal Disease

Spices are a relatively inexpensive and natural way to combat inflammation. Gum disease is a condition of inflammation, so it makes sense that spicing up your diet may keep your gum tissues that much healthier. Natural methods are never a replacement for regular preventive dental care. However, adding do-it-yourself techniques to a balanced and consistent dental hygiene regimen will never hurt. Once you become interested in adding more spices to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, you may become hooked. For example, there are hundreds of different varieties of cinnamon. Wouldn’t it be fun to try a different one in that morning cup of joe each day of the week, all the while keeping your gums in better shape?

Oral-Systemic Benefits of Spices

Not only can spices keep your gums in better condition, but they may also help quell other systemic healthy conditions that may relate to your oral health. Cayenne pepper and paprika are bright red cousins in the spice world, and both lower inflammatory responses just like cinnamon. This can be helpful with cancer and heart disease, among many other serious health conditions. And if you feel like you need a boost in immunity, one teaspoon of ginger has the same amount of antioxidants as one cup of spinach. Ginger also packs a powerful punch of potassium which may lower your blood pressure.

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