You might assume that a baby’s mouth is a safe and clean slate until teeth actually erupt through the gumline. Unfortunately, well before any tooth structure pokes through the gums, your little one can harbor the germs which cause cavities on their tongue. Guess where they get these germs from? Most likely you, or any other caregivers or loved ones who might kiss your baby or share cups/utensils with them. Because cavities can happen in baby teeth, many parents are curious about whether or not tooth decay in temporary primary teeth require treatment. Consider booking your baby’s first appointment with the Riverside, CA dentists at Riverside Dental Group some time shortly after your baby’s first tooth erupts and you may not have to ask this question.

Treat Baby Teeth with Respect

Baby teeth require dental cleanings and checkups every bit as much as adult (permanent teeth). Even though primary teeth will fall out throughout your kiddo’s childhood, they are not to be considered disposable. Baby teeth are like training wheels on a bike. You still want to keep the training wheels in good condition so that they work properly, even if they won’t be on the bike forever. Unfortunately, if you make a habit of feeding your child a diet full of high carbohydrate or sugary snacks, large amounts of juice, or you don’t follow through with brushing, flossing, and preventive care, cavities may ensue.

Filling Cavities in Baby Teeth

If you neglect instilling good habits in your child and they end up with tooth decay, treatment is very important. Unpleasant tooth sensitivity can result from untreated cavities. Difficult to explain to a young child, these sensations in their teeth may be upsetting and frightening. Abscesses can develop from germs running rampant, and these localized infections are known to be quite painful and can even result in complete tooth loss. Early tooth loss can cause spacing issues as well. Don’t let a cavity in your child’s baby tooth go that far. Fillings work just as well in primary teeth as they do in permanent ones.

Dental Checkups from Riverside, CA Dentists

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