in American culture don’t only befall the middle-aged and older. Many young people find themselves dealing with sleep issues and conditions. Poor sleep can affect an adult’s job performance, so the same can certainly be true of a child’s school performance, concentration, and grades. The way someone does throughout their education can potentially set them up for a lifetime of success (or lack thereof) in their careers.

The Younger the Student, the More Sleep Necessary

Jennifer Peszka is the Associate Professor of Psychology at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Peszka led a fascinating research study showing that kids who consistently stay up late during high school and college years tend to have lower grades, in general. One surprising result of this study is that these same students somehow tended to balance out their school performance by their senior year of college. College can be a stressful time in life, and there could be a connection between the relief of reaching one’s final leg of school and better sleep. Or perhaps by senior year, an added maturity and focus on the near future inspires students to start buckling down more and partying less. Burning the candle at both ends is often seen to be a main cause in college-aged sleeplessness.

The Senior Year Turnaround

Those night-owl volunteers of the trial who stayed up late only had a deficiency of 41 minutes less sleep than those who drifted off earlier. Late-to-bed participants consumed caffeine before bedtime and kept inconsistent sleep/wake schedules. Peszka’s research team utilized 89 surveys submitted by young people who had recently graduated from high school. After their freshman and senior years, some of those same students completed surveys to collect information on grades and sleep patterns. The GPA variances weren’t incredibly high in range. However, good sleep and good performance in all areas of life generally go very well together for most people.

Sleep Apnea Help from Moreno Valley Dentists

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