Do you feel disappointed with the appearance of your smile? Are you worried that most cosmetic treatment just won’t live up to the dramatic transformation you keep dreaming about? You may want to take porcelain veneers into consideration. With a vast array of exciting benefits, this solution can help you achieve the smile you desire. Find out how much you know about this cosmetic service – and whether it might work for you – by testing your knowledge below:

The Veneer Quiz

Look over the following statements and give your best guess – or educated response, of course. If this treatment sounds like just what you need, give us a call today so we can guide you on a path toward making porcelain veneers work for you:

  1. Veneers cover only the visible portion of your tooth, unlike dental crowns, which cover your entire tooth
  2. This cosmetic treatment looks beautiful but is hard to maintain
  3. Veneers whiten your teeth but do little else to improve your appearance
  4. Choosing dental veneers is only appropriate for natural teeth
  5. In some cases, choosing this treatment may allow you to avoid wearing braces

Quiz Answers

  1. True. Veneers are super-thin ceramic shells that your dentist will bond permanently over the visible portion of each tooth, allowing your teeth to gently shine through for a natural yet greatly improved finish
  2. False. Veneers are easy to care for, and may last many years when provided excellent maintenance. You will simply brush and floss like usual except for one change: you will need to avoid abrasive toothpaste to avoid causing damage.
  3. False. Veneers whiten your teeth and do so much more! They camouflage problems like chips, cracks, and staining; they fill spaces between teeth; they allow you to improve the shape and size of your teeth; they provide a much more uniform appearance to your smile.
  4. True. We can place veneers on your natural teeth. However, this treatment is not appropriate for prosthetics like dental bridges or dental crowns.
  5. True. If you suffer from mild spacing between teeth, for example, veneers will fill those gaps so you look as though you have undergone orthodontic treatment.

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