Have you noticed that you reach up to massage your jaw occasionally because it feels tired or sore? Do you suffer from headaches or neck aches but have trouble identifying the cause? TMJ disorder (TMD) is a problem that occurs when your TMJs (temporomandibular joints) – or jaw joints – function poorly. Unfortunately, patients often have trouble attributing the symptoms to the underlying cause. Consider three significant reasons to speak with us about TMD and you might find that TMJ treatment can offer you the relief you seek.

Your Symptoms Match Up With TMD

If you find that your symptoms seem to match up with the common symptoms of TMJ disorder, it’s probably time to talk to us about TMJ treatment, so you can enjoy an improved quality of life. Look over the following symptoms to determine whether treatment may offer you relief:

  • A clicking or popping sound that occurs when you open your mouth
  • The temporary locking of your jaw when you open or close your mouth
  • Tenderness or pain surrounding your jaw joint
  • Headaches
  • Ear aches
  • Ringing in your ears

TMD Is Serious

No, it’s not so serious that we cannot treat it, which is why you should consider bringing it up at your next dental checkup. Fortunately, we offer preventive care that allows you to avoid serious future side effects. These may include severe discomfort and damage to surrounding supportive structures, like ligaments and muscle tissue.

Treatment Can Offer Relief

We will discuss your current state of discomfort and thoroughly examine your oral cavity with a visual examination and the use of advanced technology, such as digital X-rays for a closer look. Our team will then suggest treatment according to your unique needs, so you can look forward to comfort.


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