, you will soon realize receiving this both cosmetic and restorative treatment can actually make you feel excited about your future smile.

Benefit #1: They’re Totally Natural Looking

Our cosmetic fillings are composed of composite, a synthetic resin material. Fortunately, we can match the color of this substance to your surrounding tooth tissue. This translates into the following:

  • Your tooth will continue to look natural without the darkening associated with metal fillings
  • Nobody will be able to detect your filling – that includes you!
  • By forgetting you ever had a cavity, you can feel positive about the future of your dental hygiene rather than being reminded of past procedures

Benefit #2: They Are Safe For Nearly Everyone

Metal fillings contain a variety of metals, including mercury, which has created much controversy. Most notably, amalgam fillings are considered potentially unsafe for pregnant women and are unsuitable for individuals who are allergic to metal. By offering composite cosmetic fillings to our patients, we provide an option that truly gives our patients a reason to smile.

Benefit #3: They Look Good And They Feel Good

If you have ever placed a spoon in your mouth that has been sitting in a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of soup, you know that metal conducts heat. You also know that the same is true if you leave that spoon in an ice cream sundae – it conducts cold, too. Fortunately, composite does not conduct heat or cold, which means you will not have to worry about temperature-based sensitivity as a result of your filling.


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