Feeling unhappy with the appearance of your smile after tooth loss is completely normal. In addition to feeling embarrassed about your smile, you may also have trouble speaking as clearly as you once did, or eating comfortably. We encourage you to make the decision to make tooth loss a thing of the past by focusing on feeling positive about tooth replacement. We offer prosthodontics – or the replacement of your teeth with artificial teeth – to guide you toward a complete, beautiful smile. Learn a bit more about what to expect and you may find taking this new step in your life is easier than you imagined.

You Will Begin with a Consultation

A wide variety of patients suffer from tooth loss as the result of many factors. Whether you experience gum disease, a trauma to your tooth, your tooth failed to develop, or a failed root canal treatment, we are happy to see you. We treat a diverse age range, ensuring all of our patients feel confident about their smiles. During your consultation, you will be able to share your feelings, goals, concerns, and budget. In turn, we will offer a compassionate approach, while explaining your options and crafting a customized treatment plan. This visit may include the use of digital X-rays and a visual exam, so we offer you the prosthetics best suited to your smile.

You Have Many Options

Tooth replacement is not a universal field. When considering your prosthetic options, you may consider a variety of factors, such as whether you desire removable replacements, such as complete or partial dentures. Or, you may prefer a dental bridge, a fixed device that replaces one tooth or up to three teeth in a row. Or, some patients opt for dental implants – surgically placed posts, which we complete with restorations for excellent stability.

You Will Enjoy An Improved Quality of Life

Once you have completed your visits with us for prosthodontics, you will enjoy a beautifully complete smile, which may offer the following benefits for your life:

  • You will feel proud to show your smile
  • Replacing missing teeth will prevent remaining teeth from migrating into your open space, which can negatively affect your alignment
  • You will be able to speak articulately
  • You will be able to chew comfortably without worrying about food becoming stuck in the open space
  • You will regain any confidence you lost in your appearance as a result of tooth loss


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