Wearing full or partial dentures should be a comfortable experience that allows you to enjoy a complete smile. However, sometimes patients experience problems with comfort as the result of fit. This may affect the stability of your denture, as well. If you’re under the impression that this prosthetic is simply something that isn’t meant to feel comfortable, think again. We encourage you to learn more about how your denture should fit and what may change, so you feel confident about wearing dentures and know when to speak up if something doesn’t seem quite right.

Creating The Right Fit

Choosing dentures with us means that you can expect carefully crafted prosthetics that will ensure an excellent fit. We will take extra care in planning your denture. You see, a complete denture will rest over your dental ridge, replacing your entire arch of teeth. A partial will fit over a portion of your smile, making room for remaining teeth, while receiving a bit more support with the use of metal clasps. To make the most of the natural suction that your mouth creates, your denture’s dimensions much match your smile with precision.

Protecting The Fit Of Your Dentures

Now that you have full or partial dentures that fit you beautifully, it is important that you maintain the dentures. Aspects of care that you may not have considered may warp the shape of your prosthetics, which may lead to poor fit and irritation. Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Don’t use hot water to clean or rinse your prosthetic – it may damage the fit of your denture.
  • Follow our instructions for cleaning to keep your dentures in good condition.
  • Remember to soak your dentures, so they do not become dehydrated.
  • Do your full or partial dentures feel uncomfortable? If so, a change in fit may mean you need a repair or replacement. Make sure you let us know right away, so we can prevent your mouth from becoming irritated.


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