Have you recently been told you need prosthodontics to improve your smile? If you’re pretty familiar with what’s wrong with your grin but this term is completely new to you, allow us to introduce you to the basics, so you know what to expect. Fortunately, prosthodontic care simply means that we will be helping you improve your smile after tooth loss. Since replacing the missing teeth in your smile is extremely important in protecting your alignment and your oral health (not to mention it will boost your self esteem), the sooner you get to know this area of specialization, the more confident you can feel about your choices.

Do You Need Prosthodontics?

If you’re missing teeth – or even one tooth – the answer is “yes, you need prosthodontic care.” Why? Well, if you’re missing a tooth, you need to replace it as soon as possible. An open space is an invitation for surrounding teeth to shift into the opening, which may result in misalignment. You may also find that you struggle with daily hygiene (particularly keeping the opening clean and free of debris). Severe tooth loss may even lead to jaw deterioration. Speak with us about prosthodontics, so we can complete your smile.

Your Options For Teeth Replacement

We offer a variety of beautiful, effective prosthodontic care treatments to improve the health, function, and beauty of your smile, including the following options:

  • Dental Bridge: A fixed prosthetic that replaces one or up to three teeth in a row.
  • Partial Denture: A removable device that addresses partial tooth loss.
  • Full Denture: A removable device that restores a full arch of teeth.
  • Dental Implant: A surgically implanted titanium post that replaces your tooth’s roots and supports a variety of prosthetics, from crowns to full dentures.


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