How much do you know about implant dentistry? Is this a new area of specialization for you that you have recently heard about as you began searching for tooth replacement solutions? If so, determining whether you make a good candidate for dental implants and choosing this path can offer an exceptional way to complete your smile after tooth loss, while contributing a long list of benefits. Learn more about this special field to find out whether you qualify and if implants sound like the solution you desire.

What Is Implant Dentistry?

Have you heard of dental implants? These are titanium posts that we place in your jawbone through a surgical procedure. The point is to replace your roots if you have lost a tooth – this is something you can only accomplish with the help of implants because other prosthetics like bridges and dentures only replace the visible portion of your teeth. Implant dentistry is the field that specializes in restoring your roots and then supporting a prosthetic tooth with the help of implant posts.

How Might Implant Dentistry Help You?

Implant dentistry can help you in a wide variety of ways. First, it’s a tooth replacement solution, which means it will guide you toward a complete smile that will instantly improve your daily function, including eating and speaking. You can expect a major boost in your self-esteem once your smile is complete, as well. As for the specific benefits that make implants unique, replacing your roots protects your jaw health and offers the most stable tooth replacement option you can find.


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