You may wonder what to make of general dentistry, since it’s a term that you know refers to your dental care but leaves you without any details. Rather than wondering what it means to visit your general dentist, we encourage you to find out more regarding the particulars. You will find that this otherwise seemingly vague, all-encompassing term actually speaks to specific types of care that help you keep your smile in excellent condition, whether you simply need maintenance or if you’re in need of serious smile help.

Preventive Care

The first and very important aspect of general dentistry is your preventive care. Our goal is to keep your smile healthy, so you can avoid problems like tooth decay and the negative effects of gum disease. We encourage you to visit us once every six months for a preventive cleaning and a dental checkup. This gives us the chance to remove the plaque you cannot brush or floss away on your own. We will also be able to monitor your oral health regularly, offering necessary treatments before a problem grows out of hand.

Restorative Care

In the case that you become lax with your home preventive care, miss some of your preventive visits, or if sudden trauma occurs, you will rest on the help of restorative care. This is the portion of general dentistry that repairs your smile when something goes wrong. Potential treatments may include fillings or dental crowns.

Dental Prosthetics

You may end up with an open space in your mouth as the result of a variety of underlying factors. Tooth loss due to an infected tooth, gum disease, or a seriously damaged tooth will all leave you in need of a dental prosthetic. This is simply a tooth replacement device that will complete your smile, so you can regain your beauty, function, and daily comfort.


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