The reason we offer emergency dentistry to our patients is that emergencies are never expected – which means you certainly don’t have time to prepare. Emergencies are, however, extremely urgent, typically including problems that we can address and improve if we can get to them quickly enough. First things first, if a sudden accident occurs, remember to contact us as quickly as possible. Then, consider essential guidelines that will assist you in arriving at our office with your most successful visit ahead of you.

Addressing A Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is certainly a good reason to visit us for an emergency dentistry appointment. If you break a tooth, you should do your best to gather up the pieces. Collect what you can find and place them in a sealed container that you will carry with you to our practice.

Dealing With A Dislodged Tooth

Another reason to schedule an emergency dentistry visit? A dislodged tooth, which can feel quite unsettling. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Rinse the tooth under lukewarm water (hold it by its crown).
  2. Don’t rinse away tissue.
  3. See if you can slip the tooth back into place (do not use force).
  4. Otherwise, fill a container with milk or salt water. Place the tooth in the liquid. Seal the container. Bring the container with you.

Reducing Minor Bleeding

If you’re suffering from severe bleeding, visit your local ER or contact 911. For minor bleeding, hold clean fabric over the area and apply pressure.

What To Do About Discomfort Or Swelling

You may take over-the-counter analgesics to alleviate swelling and discomfort.

Removing Debris From Between Teeth

Floss between your teeth – if one attempt does not dislodge the debris, we urge you to wait for your emergency dentistry visit.


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