Taking care of a special needs child means scheduling a trip for dental care might cause you some serious anxiety. Even attempting to receive a dental cleaning and dental checkup can become an upsetting experience for both you and your child – that is, unless you receive care from a practice that offers care customized for the needs of your son or daughter. We are happy to treat all patients and look forward to meeting you and your child, so you can enjoy a relaxing visit (and the care your little one needs for a healthy, beautiful grin). In the meantime, allow us to answer your questions with a quick Q&A session.

Questions and Answers About Special Needs Care

Question: Do you offer a single approach to dental care for young patients with special needs? What if my son or daughter needs specific accommodations?

Answer: It’s impossible to offer a universal approach to dentistry. We offer compassionate care tailored to every patient who visits our practice. We will speak with you about your child’s needs to ensure we offer the appropriate accommodations.

Question: What qualifies as special needs within pediatric dental care? Do you offer care for all children?

Answer: There is no one definition. However, dental care is typically geared toward children who require special care for impairment that is physical, mental, or emotional in nature, as well as children with sensory sensitivity.

Question: How do you cope with helping my child feel relaxed during a visit?

Answer: In addition to offering compassionate, gentle care, we offer sedation dentistry for special needs patients. Choosing nitrous oxide or oral sedation results in a deeply relaxing visit.


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