If ever there were a single dental treatment that was regarded with the greatest disdain for absolutely no solid reason – it would be the root canal. There are so many rumors about this restorative treatment that the myths often keep patients from receiving the care they need to address tooth infections, which are serious problems. The bad news is that we know many patients are unsure how to separate rumor from fact. The good news is that we are here to set you straight, so you can feel optimistic about scheduling your root canal treatment, rather than worried or unsure.

Root Canals: Rumor Versus Fact

Rumor: After your root canal therapy, you will have a useless gray tooth in your mouth.

Fact: It’s true that we will remove the life center of your tooth when we take the dental pulp out. The good news is that you will not be left with a useless, unsightly tooth. We will protect it and restore beauty and structure with a custom-crafted dental crown. The crown will blend with your smile, will look natural, and will allow you to continue using your tooth.

Rumor: Root canal therapy will rescue your tooth in the moment but it will be very easy for your tooth to become re-infected in the future.

Fact: Treating your tooth with this restorative procedure removes infection and protects against reinfection. We will seal your roots, fill the tooth, and provide full coverage with a crown to ensure bacteria cannot make their way back inside.

Rumor: By removing the infected dental pulp from the interior of your tooth, we hope for the best when it comes to clearing your infection. If the infection doesn’t go away, we will simply need to re-treat the tooth.

Fact: For serious infections, we may suggest a course of antibiotics to ensure the problem is completely clear and that you can return to optimal oral health.


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