Is your life focus currently set on determining which tooth replacement solution is best for you? If so, learning more about the benefits and details associated with full and partial dentures is certainly an important stop during your smile completion journey. The good news is that dentures work for just about every single patient suffering from tooth loss, so you can wipe away any fears associated with candidacy. As for the specifics, we invite you to learn some essential facts for a clearer idea of whether these prosthetics are right for your smile goals.

Do You Want A Fixed Prosthetic?

There are “fixed” prosthetics and “removable” prosthetics. A fixed device is one that we place for permanent, long-term wear, such as a dental bridge. For patients interested in removable devices, we suggest either full or partial dentures.

Do You Want A Noninvasive Procedure?

Are you looking for something that does not require any sort of invasive aspect? For instance, if you choose implants, we will need to perform oral surgery. Whether you choose a full or partial denture, they are considered “noninvasive” because they fully rely on natural support within your mouth, resting over your naturally existing structures.

Do You Want the Option of Implant Support?

If you like the idea of implants but do not want to choose individual dental implants for your smile, dentures may be right for you. Why? We offer implant dentures. In this case, you may choose to receive additional support from implants if you select implant-supported full or partial dentures (rather than the traditional noninvasive natural support).

Would You Prefer To Replace Each Entire Tooth?

Were you hoping for a way to replace each full tooth, from the root to the crown? If so, you should skip dentures and consider dental implants. Schedule a consultation with us for help choosing a treatment for your smile.


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