Do you have old dental crowns in your smile? Have you been wondering if there’s something you should do about your old dental restorations but you don’t know if it matters? First, remember that when you visit us for your preventive dental checkup two times a year, we will take a close look at every detail of your smile, including your restorations. Next, keep in mind that if you are a new patient or simply feel that something is off, you should always contact us for an appointment. When it comes to what to do about old crowns, consider some helpful advice.

How’s Your Smile Look?

Does your smile look wonderful or is it full of old metal dental crowns? If you are unhappy with your restorations as a result of esthetic value, we suggest you contact us for an appointment. We offer a selection of beautiful, lifelike materials for crown replacements, including porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), and zirconia. By replacing unsightly crowns with those matched to the color of your smile and your smile’s dimensions, you can enjoy a much more beautiful appearance.

How’s Your Bite Feeling?

Can you comfortably close your teeth together? Do you have old dental work that feels like it has shifted, such as loose or uncomfortable dental crowns? If your crown is even slightly misshapen or inaccurately crafted, it can dramatically affect your bite. Unfortunately, when your top and bottom teeth do not fit together properly, the imbalance may lead to problems like bruxism, TMJ disorder, and may result in discomfort like headaches. See us for a consultation, so we can address the problem and improve your smile. 


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