Do you have dental crowns in your smile? Have you been researching these prosthetic, artificial, hollow teeth because you may need one soon? If you are on track to receive this restorative treatment, we suggest you consider a few helpful facts that will offer a very positive perspective. When it comes to restoring and protecting your oral health, you will find that crowns provide you with an exceptionally long list of advantages.

#1: They Can Save Your Tooth

In some cases, the placement of a dental crown is the last stop before you need your tooth extracted. You see, a significantly damaged tooth, a severely infected tooth that undergoes root canal treatment, or a very weak or decayed tooth is vulnerable to further breakage, infection, and even death. A crown allows us to treat the tooth and salvage the tissue that remains by providing it with full coverage.

#2: They May Last For Decades

Your dental crown can last a very long time – even the beautiful lifelike materials we offer are known for both their beauty and their durability. If you are worried about receiving a crown, rest easy: Your crown can last anywhere from few years to over 30 years! For the most part, if you take care of your smile (your crown included), you can expect it to remain in place for many years to come.

#3: They Are Easy To Protect

You don’t have to do anything extremely special to care for your dental crown. Fortunately, you just need to continue brushing and flossing your teeth according to the preventive recommendations set forth for natural teeth. In addition, by avoiding biting into anything extremely hard or chewing/snacking on hard items, you can protect both your crowns as well as your natural teeth from accidental injury.


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