The great news is that you have many options when it comes to figuring out which tooth replacement solution is the best for you. The bad news is that patients who feel frustrated and simply want the problem solved often agree to a prosthetic without considering their options. Allow us to explain why spending a bit of time learning about potential tooth loss solutions and speaking with us during a dental consultation is your best choice.

Removable Cannot Become Fixed (And Vice Versa)

Let’s say you decided in a hurry that you wanted a partial denture as your tooth replacement solution of choice. However, had you spent more time learning about the difference between removable devices (such as partials) and fixed devices (such as dental implants or dental bridges), you would have chosen a fixed option. Removable, as it sounds, is something you can remove when you feel like it. Fixed stays in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Achieve the stability you want by making an educated decision.

Quick Decisions May Waste Money

Perhaps you feel so compelled to make a change when you realize you are unhappy with your initial tooth replacement solution that you decide to scrap the first one. As a result, you pay for two different prosthetic solutions when you could have simply paid for the one you truly wanted in the first place. Keep your money in your wallet by speaking with us about all of your options first. During a consultation, we will fully explain your available treatments for repairing and completing your smile, so you have a thorough understanding of different care plans that will help you achieve your final goal.


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