Do you find that while you’re extremely excited about your sleep apnea treatment, you’re so used to worrying about your sleep that falling asleep is a problem, too? We understand that your sleep patterns have been thrown off, which means the mounting stress can make everything seem topsy turvy. Fortunately, we have some suggestions that will help you fall asleep and that will help you stay asleep, so you’re not working against the treatment you’ve started.


If you exercise right before bed, it might work against you because it will increase your energy and you’ll be wide-awake. Instead, exercise by late afternoon, so you can reap the benefits when you get in bed. Just a half hour of serious movement can help you catch your Z’s.

Stop Napping

Yes, we understand that since you haven’t been sleeping because of sleep apnea, you might have gotten into a habit of napping during the day. Do your best to resist this and remember that you’re receiving treatment, so you have hope for breaking the cycle. This will help ensure you feel tired and can fall asleep at night, when it’s actually bedtime.

Get Cozy

What’s it take to make you feel relaxed and ready to fall asleep? Do you like listening to a guided meditation at night? Do you prefer a soft pillow but you’ve been using a firm one? Is it too hot or too cold in your room? Are you a fan of certain types of aromatherapy? This is all about what makes you feel relaxed. Make your space inviting for sleep, so you can make the most of your sleep apnea treatment.

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