When you start getting down to the basics regarding your mouth, you’ll notice that you’re focusing on the different parts that make up your smile, you’ll pay closer attention to the way it functions, and you may wonder about how it receives support. At the building block level, one interesting aspect that might stand out to you? Your saliva! It’s always there and it’s very important but it might not be something you really think about. Today, your Riverside dentist is ready to tell you about some interesting stuff to help you connect the dots.

Did You Know You Really Need It?

Did you know that without saliva, your mouth would not be doing much of anything at all? Sure, you might be able to move your mouth open and closed but that might be about it. That’s because, as your Riverside dentist explains, this substance that is created by your body is there to complete a whole long list of tasks. Those include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Giving you the ability to soften your food, so it can pass through your digestive system
  • Allowing you to talk with ease (you will notice if you experience dry mouth at any point that your mouth feels dry and sticky and makes a “smacking” sound)
  • It helps out with your avoidance of cavities and other bacterial-caused oral illnesses (because it rinses your mouth)

Yes, Your Body Makes It All The Time

Your Riverside dentist offers a bit of insight into your body: Saliva comes from a bunch of salivary gland that are within your mouth (such as under your tongue and in your cheeks). The majority of it comes from a primary set of a few pairs of glands but over 100 glands come into play! You’ll produce up to four pints every day!

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