One of the most common questions patients ask us when it comes to receiving tooth extractions follows: Do I need the tooth you’re removing? The fact of the matter is, some teeth are absolutely essential to your smile. Others we can remove without the need for replacement or further action. To have a clearer understanding regarding which teeth can go freely, which will lead to a need for a prosthetic, and then some, we are happy to get down to details. You will find that connecting the dots and learning about why some teeth are necessary (and others are not) is actually quite straightforward.

Teeth You Don’t Need

In some instances, after a tooth extraction, there is no need to replace your missing teeth. How could this be possible, you wonder, since you know that open spaces in your smile can be quite detrimental to your oral health? Here’s when you don’t need to worry about a tooth replacement:

  • Wisdom Teeth: If you have wisdom teeth removed, these are unnecessary for your smile. So unnecessary, in fact, that there is no reason to replace them.
  • Orthodontic Care: Perhaps you are having a tooth extraction because of a problem like overcrowding, after which you will receive orthodontic care. In this instance, getting rid of your tooth is essential to creating an aligned, uniform smile.

Teeth You Do Need

What you require for optimal oral health is a complete, aligned smile. No spaces, no balance issues, just uniformity and top and bottom teeth that fit together correctly. When we perform a tooth extraction that removes a tooth essential to this full unit, that tooth requires replacement. Rest assured, we offer beautiful, lifelike prosthetic solutions to ensure your smile is complete again (and looks exceptional).

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