As St. Patrick’s Day makes its way toward us on the calendar, you might be thinking through the different ways to make the day fun for your kids. Along with “fun,” of course, you might also be wondering if there’s anything you can do to make the experience not too messy, somewhat healthy, and all around A-OK for everyone’s smiles. Your Riverside children’s dentist has a few ideas that can help you have fun without going into sugar overload.

Go For An All-Green Salad

Want to do something festive but the idea of using food coloring to alter something loaded with sugar isn’t what you had in mind? Your Riverside children’s dentist suggests an all-green salad! Whatever you can add into the mix that’s green is good to go (think green bell peppers, green olives, broccoli, and even green goddess dressing). Fun and good for your teeth.

Hand Out Green Toothbrushes

An easy way to make St. Patrick’s Day fun without overlooking the importance of oral health? Hand out green toothbrushes to your little ones. They’re likely to have eaten some sugary snacks at school, so this is a simple way to get everyone excited about brushing all of that sugar off of their smiles.

Go For The Green Juice

Of course, we do our best to steer you away from all things laden with sugar. However, the occasional celebration is nothing to worry about. When your kids are excited about celebrating this holiday with all things green, why not add some green juice into the mix? Get super healthy (and fun), suggests your Riverside children’s dentist, by making a “green” smoothie together! Then, of course, remember to have everyone rinse with water and brush.

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