Do you have any oral health habits that you feel might be a little weird? Have you been curious if though they are strange, perhaps they’re very beneficial for you? As for things you’ve developed on your own, we encourage you to ask us. You might find out that you’re on the right track with protecting your teeth and gums. To help you get started, your Riverside dentist explains some behaviors that might seem odd but that are actually quite advantageous for you!

Habit: Staring At Your Tongue

Yep, it’s a little strange to stare at your tongue. We certainly don’t suggest you do this in public. However, when you’re practicing your dental hygiene or happen to be in the bathroom for a moment, it’s always a good idea to take a closer look at your tongue. If you notice any changes, such as bumps or lumps, ulcers, red spots, white spots, color changes, a scalloped border, or anything else, give your Riverside dentist a call. While it might sound overwhelming, most changes are a sign of a simple, easy to address oral health issue.

Habit: Tapping Your Food On Your Plate

We don’t suggest you tap all of your food on your plate. However, if you’re considering eating something that’s very hard, such as a dense cracker or bread, a very hard cookie, etc., it’s a good idea to assess how rough it’s going to be on your teeth before you bite. If you think the food is not going to give way easily, crumbling between your teeth, then skip it. As your Riverside dentist explains, you can save a tooth that way!

Talk With Us About How To Protect Your Smile

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