If you think back to your younger years, one thing you will remember very clearly is how much fun it was to chew gum, how excited you were when you had a nice full pack, and how disappointing it was to learn that not all gum is good for your smile. Now that you’re a parent, trying to figure out how to navigate the waters of little ones who look at you with expectant eyes, hoping for chewing gum, is surprisingly complicated. Let your children’s dentist help you quickly sort out this dental hygiene confusion with simple facts.

Your Kid Might Swallow It

You should most definitely avoid handing chewing gum to your child until you think your little one is responsible enough to chew it and then spit it out when he or she is finished. Swallowing gum over and over can lead to dangerous intestinal blockages, so make this decision thoughtfully. Generally speaking, around four years of age or so is the earliest starting point.

Only Agree To Sugarless Varieties

Don’t give your kids gum with sugar in it. Not even as a treat! All you’re doing is giving them the option to smash sugar into their teeth, while their smiles become fully saturated with acid. Instead, only offer sugarless options, so your children’s oral health remains safe, suggests your children’s dentist.

Remember, There Are Benefits!

This isn’t all just fun and games! While it’s enjoyable for your children to chew gum, it can offer oral health benefits, too. Your children’s dentist explains that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes or so helps remove plaque and any food bits leftover from meals and snacks.

We Are Happy To Help Answer Kids’ Dental Care Questions

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