Since most of us aren’t really that interested in avoiding sugar because … well … it tastes amazing, it’s often difficult to find the drive to do so. Then, of course, when we do find that motivation, it can be even more challenging to follow through with it. If you feel like it’s probably time to skip on some of the sweet eating you’ve been doing to protect your oral health but you definitely could use some help, your Riverside dentist is on the scene to offer simple yet effective tips!

Tip: Don’t Bring It Home

One of the easiest ways of avoiding indulging in too much sugar (which can harm your oral health) is to keep it far away from your home! When you walk into the kitchen and your candy drawer is stocked, there are cookies in the cookie jar, and you’ve got ice cream in the freezer, the temptation is always there (and hard to resist). When you choose not to keep it at home, it’s much easier to let a craving pass, explains your Riverside dentist.

Tip: Make Special Times For It

When you regard sugar items as a treat, it’s easier to eat them on special occasions, which means you’ll very seldom consume them. For instance, maybe you let yourself have a dessert on Fridays. Perhaps you only eat sweets at special events like weddings and birthday parties. Whatever you decide, it makes limiting sugar much easier.

Tip: Look For Alternatives For Your Sweet Tooth

Would you love to limit sugar for the sake of your oral health but you love sweets? Your Riverside dentist suggests you try out alternatives, such as xylitol-sweetened sugarless gum when a craving appears!

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