Do you ever think about the way that congestion contributes to your child’s smile health and the sensations that surround it? Chances are good that this is only one of those things you think about when you’re very congested and your sinus pressure makes your teeth feel very uncomfortable! As your Riverside children’s dentist explains, this can also affect your kids’ smiles. Not sure about what congestion might do? We can explain. (And remember, it’s always best to treat it ASAP).

Congestion Contributes To Snoring

Think about how snoring occurs. Your throat tissues collapse just a bit from over-relaxing. They touch each other when you breathe. When they touch, they make a vibration that is what you refer to as snoring. If your kids are congested, this is partially blocking their airways, which makes snoring much more likely. Clear up those airways and snoring might stop.

Congestion Contributes To Dry Mouth

If your child is congested, you may catch him or her mouth breathing. When this happens, dry mouth is more likely, explains your Riverside children’s dentist, because of the constant exposure to air. You don’t want this! It will cause all sorts of issues, from bad breath to cavities. Treat congestion, so normal breathing and good oral health can resume.

Congestion Medication May Contribute To Dry Mouth

Now, let’s talk about that treatment you choose for congestion. Your Riverside children’s dentist explains that if you’re attempting to dry out the congestion, you may also be drying out oral tissues. Keep an eye on the side effects of common medicines. If you notice serious dry mouth, the medication may also be to blame. Keep your child hydrated to minimize the side effects (or choose other medicine).

Ask For Tips To Protect Oral Health

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