Well, it is 2018, you’ve got some resolutions swirling around in your mind and you’re likely doing your best to adhere to them. Since your kiddos might not have a lot of inside knowledge about the ins and outs of protecting their smiles, and since they are little, they are probably not focused on keeping their oral health and associated details on their resolutions list. Your Riverside children’s dentist suggests that you offer your help by limiting certain things that you might assume are perfectly okay for smiles. That way, those developing grins remain healthy.


Yes, we know that the juice box you give your child will likely tell you how many servings of fruit it provides. While fruit is definitely packed with nutrients, drinking your fruit in juice form can be dangerous, explains your Riverside children’s dentist. It’s full of sugar, it’s acidic, and coating teeth with it makes decay more probable. Limit juice! It’s worth it.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are also touted as a very good idea when you’re wanting to protect your kids by keeping them hydrated. They’re often sold next to the water in your grocery store, too. However, don’t confuse these beverages with water, suggests your Riverside children’s dentist. They are very acidic, which is bad news for smiles! It softens enamel, while making damage, decay, and stains more likely.


Diet or not, soda is very acidic, too!!! Do your best to limit this type of beverage, as it offers nothing but problems for oral health.

Bring Your Kiddos In For Smile Care

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