Has your mouth felt sticky, dry, yucky, and not at all like its usual, adequately moist self? Well then, you may be dealing with an oral health problem your Riverside dentist refers to as dry mouth. What to do about this? Isn’t it just more of an annoyance or an inconvenience than anything else, you wonder? As a matter of fact, it’s a problem that can yield serious consequences! You may wish to treat it soon, or else…

Or Else You May Develop Cavities, Etc.

You need to treat your dry mouth or else you might end up with tooth decay and other hygiene-related issues like an infected tooth or gingivitis, explains your Riverside dentist. Didn’t know a lack of moisture was such a big deal? Here’s why: It’s what stops those not-so-nice bacteria in your mouth from developing out of control. Water will help if you drink it throughout the day but adequate moisture is essential.

Or Else Bad Breath Is A-Comin’!

You are not going to be too pleased with the way your mouth smells if the aforementioned bacterial problem takes place. The more bacteria present in your mouth, the worse it is going to smell, explains your Riverside dentist. Bacteria don’t let off nice, pleasant odors. They release unappealing ones. Either address problems leading to your dry mouth or come see us for help with getting moisture levels under control.

Or Else Deal With Strange Side Effects

If you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth, then dry mouth can yield some less than lovely side effects. Your saliva may seem stringy. Your lips may become chapped. You may have trouble eating your food (or it may simply taste strange). You could develop a weird taste in your mouth. Treat the dry mouth, so these things do not occur!

Protect Your Smile From Dry Mouth With Our Care

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