So, you have a toothache! This is a common problem and a very common reason for patients to schedule care with us. One of the things that will help us understand what’s happening with your tooth is your description of the pain. So, do you think you’re ready to talk about it? Or, are you having trouble saying anything other than that your tooth really hurts? Let’s give you a quick head start on some of those terms that may prove quite helpful to you.

Your Problem Is Severe Or Mild

It can be hard to explain how a toothache feels. All you know is that it feels very bad. Here’s one way to tell us what it’s like: Say whether it’s a severe (very bad) or mild (not very bad at all) pain. Or, go ahead and use a scale system, such as, “on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the greatest, it’s an…” This can help us better understand what you’re feeling as well as how intense it is.

Your Issue Is Persistent Or It Comes And Goes

Now, ask yourself about how your toothache is acting as far as how often it is present. Is it persistent, meaning that it’s there pretty much all the time, never giving you a moment of relief? Or, does it tend to show up, hurt, subside, and then come back? This can be helpful information, as well.

Your Pain Is Throbbing Or Steady

Now, consider what the pain feels like. Does your toothache throb (you feel a heavy pulsating feeling in your tooth)? Or, is it quite consistent?

Your Pain Is New Or Recurring

Did your pain just start? Or, have you had a toothache on and off for a while, such as for weeks or months? Tell us!

See Us For Help With Your Toothache Concern

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