Adults know the benefits of regular dental visits for checkups and cleanings for themselves. And parents know to schedule those same appointments with a caring family dentist in Riverside, CA. But why, you might wonder, would you take a toddler to the dentist? The little one will likely have only a few teeth, and spend most of the appointment wriggling around in the chair. The truth is, babies should see a dentist beginning at about age 1, so schedule toddler checkups just as you would for any other member of your family.

Toddler Visits Quell Fears

A big reason to have your toddler become familiar with dental visits is about the future. It isn’t hard to understand why a dental office might be a little scary. Regular appointments, beginning early, give curious youngsters a chance to sit in the chair, experience the waiting room, and practice “opening wide” while our kid-friendly dental staff has a look at their teeth. We notice that toddler visits can quell parental fears as well. Not only the “will my child cry the whole time” fears, but also the “I wonder if my baby’s teeth are normal” misgivings.

Toddler Visits Keep An Eye of Oral Health

One important part of oral health is teeth that are cavity-free. When this isn’t possible, we want to treat cavities as soon as possible. Along with checking the health of teeth and gums, early dental visits also let us keep an eye on issues with oral structures. These can start small, but become bigger over time. Small bones are still growing, and a dentist can make sure the growth is progressing properly.

Toddler Visits Prepare For the Future

As your child grows, your family dentist may recommend preventive treatments, such as the application of sealants to molars in the back of the mouth. These teeth have significant surface area, and lots of ups and downs where food bits can hit. Sealants are applied in the childhood years, and wear off gradually. While children are building good brushing habits, sealants are adding an extra layer of protection.

Toddlers Visits Means Expert Eyes on Young Teeth

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