Choosing sleep apnea treatment when you are someone experiencing this disorder is such a smart and potentially beneficial step toward feeling better, feeling rested, and protecting your health. However, if you have trouble just falling asleep, then you’re going to have a hard time getting your treatment to work for you. While you may be avoiding caffeine and just about everything else you can think of that can get in the way of your sleep, you might be overlooking a very common yet frequently missed issue: You might be too “plugged in” to the world around you and you might be exposing yourself to too much light. As you begin to see what we mean, you’ll find that this may be the answer you’ve needed!

Keep The Lights Off

One of the things we might ask you as we talk about your disorder and your sleep apnea treatment (if you’re finding that you cannot fall asleep with ease) is whether you’re getting into bed in the dark and then turning on any lights. Remember that if you’re cozy in bed, you hop up to go to the bathroom and you flick the lights on, you might confuse your brain into thinking the sun is out and it’s morning. Use a very dim light or night light instead to avoid this dilemma.

Turn Off That TV

It can seem nice and relaxing to watch TV as you go to sleep. Maybe you like to turn on one of your favorite shows, check out the news, or catch up on a movie you previously started as you drift off to sleep. The only problem is, you’re not drifting off to sleep. While you have sleep apnea treatment to use, you can’t seem to get to dreamland! Remember: TV watching may cause similar confusion to your brain and is often over-stimulating, which makes it difficult to unwind. We encourage you to try turning it off before getting into bed.

No More Bedtime Phone Scrolling

Want to fall asleep? Try completely avoiding looking at your phone screen, tablet screen, laptop screen, etc. The lights, activity, and more can cause the aforementioned brain activity, which may take you from drowsy to a person whose brain just won’t shut down! Need additional help? Set up a visit.

Treat Sleep Apnea With Our Helpful Guidance

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