When you need help staying asleep but you can’t exactly fall asleep, it makes it difficult to enjoy any progress with your sleep apnea treatment from our Riverside, CA practice. True, you may have gone ahead and unplugged the things we’ve encouraged you to unplug from (such as from looking at screens, having the lights turned up too brightly, and more). However, do you know how to take things a step further (or the exception to the rule) that will guide you toward dozing off without finding yourself staring at the ceiling for hours on end? Take some tips seriously!

Go Ahead: Plug Those Headphones In

While our team suggests you avoid watching television and doing other things that will only end up giving your brain a jolt of energy, there’s one thing you can do if you think you might need some additional help falling asleep, so your sleep apnea treatment can work: Plug in your headphones or simply turn on your sound system. What you don’t want to do in this case is to listen to anything that gets your blood racing! Instead, you may wish to consider one of two things:

  • Listen to a guided meditation that helps you relax and fall asleep. They can be surprisingly helpful!
  • Create a very relaxing, soothing playlist for yourself or listen to an album that always calms you. Even nature sounds that are relaxing (a babbling brook, for example) can help you ease into sleep.

Shut Down Your Thoughts, Too!

How are you supposed to fall asleep and gain the benefits of sleep apnea treatment if you cannot stop thinking? As much as you need to “unplug” from TV and more, you need to go ahead and unplug that constant loop of thoughts playing out in your brain. We know it can be difficult. However, when you find yourself thinking and thinking as you lie in bed, we encourage you to try to stop thinking. Just relax! Consider the aforementioned suggestions of music or meditation if you find that quieting that chatter starts to feel difficult.

Get Closer To Good Sleep With Our Treatment

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