Yep, there are lots of things going on when you deal with sleep apnea. First, you’re not sleeping like you should be, so you’re probably tired. You might think that the best way to fix this is to take sleeping pills. Next, you may find that you’re dealing with problems from the snoring and choking throughout the night, such as a sore throat. You might also have a headache in the morning (this happens when your brain doesn’t receive the oxygen it needs!). So, you may then also pile on pain relievers during the day. Every time a new symptom arrives, you may find that you’re treating it medicinally but you’re not getting the problem to actually go away. This is the point at which our Riverside, CA team reminds you: What you really need is sleep apnea treatment! As for your attempts at spot treatment, let’s talk about why it’s not going to work for you.

Pain Relievers: You’ll Need More And More

Pain relievers work wonders when you have a headache or a sore throat. Of course, taking them long-term can bring with it certain side effects. You may also find that as your sleep apnea and symptoms worsen, it takes more and more of the medication to help you feel better. You can feel better naturally by stopping those symptoms with sleep apnea treatment!

Sleeping Pills: You’re Making Things Worse

Yes, it makes sense that sleeping pills might help you sleep throughout the night. However, when relaxed throat muscles and collapsed tissues are the problem, it’s not that you need something to help you fall asleep. You just need help keeping your throat open, which sleep apnea treatment can do. Those sleeping pills, our team reminds you, will contribute to the easing and relaxing of your throat muscle fibers, which makes your sleeping issue worse!

Additional Health Problems: They Become Serious

Of course, it is absolutely smart and beneficial if you’re taking medication to treat high blood pressure. However, if the primary cause of your hypertension is your sleep apnea, then you’re not fixing the cause. Why not address either this cause (or contributing factor), so you’re doing all that you can to help your blood pressure remain level? When you choose sleep apnea treatment, you not only protect yourself against frustrating symptoms like headaches but also against life-threatening problems like hypertension, liver problems, and more. See us soon for care!

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