Have you been being an excellent dental patient, making sure you call us up to schedule a dental cleaning with your Riverside dentist so that we see you every six months? Are you someone who has some exceptional intentions when it comes to this but you don’t actually always follow through, so you’ve missed a cleaning (or two or three, etc.)? While we always remind you that it’s absolutely okay to contact us at any time to get back on track with your smile and prevention, it’s also really nice when you simply keep up with it (because it makes your life easier!). Wondering what happens when you miss cleanings? Our Riverside, CA team can remind you!

#1: Tartar Is Building Up

When you’re missing your dental cleanings with us, the only plaque removal you’re getting is with your tooth brushing and your dental flossing. Is this good for you? Of course it is. It’s stuff you need to do every single day to make sure you’re sweeping that plaque away. Is this everything you need, though? Nope. It isn’t. There’s going to be some plaque you cannot remove and that you don’t even realize is still present. It’s going to harden and become tartar. Then, you really won’t be able to remove it. In comes the need for dental cleanings with your Riverside dentist: We’ll remove plaque and tartar, so buildup and consequences don’t occur.

#2: You’re Encouraging Decay

When you’re missing dental cleanings with us that you should be scheduling two times a year you’re encouraging tooth decay. You’re encouraging gingivitis, too. If you’re not very familiar with plaque and tartar, then you will learn something very important right now that your Riverside dentist needs you to know. When plaque and tartar rest on your teeth, their bacteria soften and eat away at dental tissue and it irritate gum tissue. Cleanings remove it, so you become so much less likely to face hygiene-related diseases like these.

#3: You’re Missing Checkups, Too

Your Riverside dentist schedules cleanings and checkups at the same time. If you’re missing cleanings, you’re missing checkups, which is bad news for your oral health! You need those exams, so you know that your smile is healthy (or so we can help you get it there).

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