There are some things that we can simply answer, “Yes” to when you ask if something is bad. For instance, is it bad to eat a lot of candy and then do nothing to clean your smile? The answer is yes. Is it bad to skip brushing sessions? You betcha! Now, when our Riverside dentist receives the question of, “Is coffee bad?” there’s not a completely straightforward yes-or-no answer. Instead, this is one of those instances in which the answer you receive is a multi-faceted one. Coffee can be bad for your oral health. However, it can be okay for you, too. Let our Riverside, CA practice talk details!

What Makes It Bad

What makes coffee bad for your smile, you wonder? Your Riverside dentist is happy to break down the details, in case you’re worried: The main concern is that it’s going to stain your smile. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. It’s highly pigmented and is acidic, so you’re probably going to end up with discolored teeth. Do your best to rinse them and to keep them nice and clean with preventive care to minimize this effect. Of course, you may also come to us for cosmetic care if staining becomes apparent!

What Makes It “Okay”

Yes, coffee is an acidic beverage. However, many patients are shocked when their Riverside dentist tells them that it’s not really that acidic. Are there better choices? Yep. Is it as bad as something like a soda or juice? Not at all. It’s one of the milder offenders, so don’t feel too concerned that it’s doing serious damage to your enamel (but still sip with caution!).

What Might Make It Good

As you know, one of the major things we look for during your checkups and that your cleanings help prevent is gum disease. One of the major benefits you might hear about regarding coffee is that it may help prevent inflammation associated with gum disease, since it is so packed full of antioxidants. If you’re drinking multiple cups on a daily basis, it just might be helping you in the fight against periodontal disease!

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