Your Riverside dentist is well aware that you’ve probably heard lots of “stuff” about using fluoridated toothpaste. Some of it might be very good (which is likely if you’ve been talking to anyone within the dental or medical worlds). On the other hand, some of it might be not-so-good if you’ve been discussing it with anyone trying to do their own research on the matter. Of course, as you’ve already recognized, we are pro fluoride! It’s so important for you and your entire family if your goal is to maintain healthy smiles. Hoping to delve just a bit deeper, so you can feel confident about buying and using toothpaste that contains fluoride? Our Riverside, CA team is happy to share the smile health information you need.

Use It To Help Growing Teeth

You’re going to provide fluoridated toothpaste to your kiddos. Remember that when they begin brushing their teeth, they are caring both for their baby teeth and for the permanent teeth developing beneath, within the gum tissue. When those growing teeth receive enough fluoride, they grow strong and they come out of your child’s gum tissue with hard enamel. This is what you want! Your Riverside dentist reminds you that even before teeth arrive, fluoride plays quite a role.

Use It To Keep Teeth Strong

When you don’t really want to deal with the side effects that come with weak teeth, which could include cracks or broken tissue, you need to remember that fluoride is on your side! It helps keep your teeth in exceptionally strong condition because it provides mineralization to your enamel (which is your tooth’s outermost layer that is primarily comprised of minerals). Think of it as keeping your tooth’s armor safe, strong, hard, and in one piece. All it takes is brushing twice daily for two minutes per session with fluoridated toothpaste! This simple act offers amazing safeguarding to your smile health.

Use It To Prevent And Reverse Decay

Let’s talk about how decay begins: Bacteria release acids on teeth that break down enamel. Did you know that if you use fluoridated toothpaste, it can help rebuild that softening area, which keeps decay from forming and eating a hole (cavity) within your tooth? Your Riverside dentist explains that it will either keep decay from forming or can help reverse it right as it begins. Pretty amazing.

Learn About Hygiene Products During Your Checkups

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