There are some very little choices you can make that will have quite a serious impact on your oral health. Unfortunately, when you’re not sure what you should do in certain instances, you may end up ignoring the smallest detail that would have otherwise provided you with immense smile protection! So, take just a moment to consider some tips that your Riverside dentist has to offer! The more you learn about how to keep your oral tissues nice and safe, the easier it will be to enjoy a consistently healthy mouth with the help of our Riverside, CA team.

Tip: Use A Fresh Brush

It seems like the easiest tip in the world because, well, it is! Your Riverside dentist doesn’t want you to use an old toothbrush because it isn’t going to offer you the most effective preventive care. Clean better when your brush is only allowed to age to three to four months before you replace it!

Tip: Ask Us For Dental Hygiene Help

You don’t want a cavity, of course. You don’t want gingivitis either. However, what you do want is to brush your smile and floss it correctly, so you can avoid lots of potential problems as you maintain a very healthy smile. Here’s what you should remember: It’s okay if you’re having some trouble along the way. Rather than sabotaging your own oral health, though, and keeping your confusion or issues to yourself regarding your home care, your Riverside dentist offers a simple suggestion: Ask us for help with your dental hygiene when we see you next. We will absolutely show you the ropes, answer your questions, and help you ensure you’re doing things right.

Tip: Call Us, Anyway

You may want to call us but you’re not sure if you should. Our team generally suggests that you call us anyway! Perhaps you need an emergency dental care visit but you’re feeling nervous or embarrassed. Maybe you think you should come in for your sore tooth but you feel like maybe the pain should be more severe or consistent. Instead of going back and forth on the topic, your Riverside dentist simply suggests you call us up. We can then direct you from there toward the best decision (which, in most cases, will likely include you coming in for care).

Learn About How To Best Care For Your Grin

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