What should you do when your child comes to you complaining about tooth pain? Do you try to play things down and ignore it? Do you immediately go into overdrive and call us for emergency care? Actually, you’re going to want to react somewhere in the middle, explains your Riverside children’s dentist. Take a moment or two to think about some helpful information our Riverside, CA team is prepared to offer!

When Pain Shows Up, Ask Questions

If your child complains of tooth pain, explains your Riverside children’s dentist, always remember to ask questions before you call us to set up a visit. There may be a very simple solution, your child may simply have a loose tooth, your little one might call it a toothache (but it’s actually something else), etc. Get to the bottom of things, do just a bit of parental detective work, and then make choices once you have thoroughly figured out what’s going on.

When Pain Shows Up, Offer Pain Relief

Pain frequently means something like decay or an infection is affecting your child’s smile. While you cannot necessarily fix it without our help, something you can do that your Riverside children’s dentist suggests is to offer relief. You have multiple options here:

  • Give your child a children’s strength over-the-counter pain reliever for tooth pain
  • Apply a cold pack over the affected area for relief
  • Help your child feel relaxed by reminding him or her that everything is going to be okay

When Pain Shows Up, Come See Us

You might be quite amazing at figuring out what is ailing your child! However, since you’re not a dentist and since oral health problems that are left unattended and untreated can end up becoming quite severe, we don’t suggest you just assume all is okay when pain shows up. Instead, we would like for you to call our practice, set up a visit with your Riverside children’s dentist, and come on in. During a checkup, we can tell you that you were indeed correct with your assumptions, we can offer a different diagnosis, or we can even find that everything is just fine! In any case, we will make sure any potential problem does not have the time to become worse.

Bring Your Children In For Tooth Pain

When pain strikes, it’s no joke! Bring your children in to see their Riverside children’s dentist ASAP to take care of any existing problem. Give us a call in Riverside, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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