You have heard for your entire life that you should eat your vegetables. Lately, you hear something more specific that goes something like, “Eat your greens!” Every time you turn around, you hear that eating “dark leafy veggies” is good for you. So, what gives, you ask? Why does your Riverside dentist want you to eat more of these? Our Riverside, CA team is happy to address your uncertainty with some reasons you will likely find compelling if not down right inspiring!

They Are Full Of Vitamins And Minerals

Our team hopes you remember that the main reason you hear you should eat your veggies, in this case your greens, is because they are so full of vitamins and minerals that your body and your smile need. For instance, whether you’re chewing on kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, etc., you’re probably giving your body a hefty dose of nutrients like:

  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K

They Aren’t Acidic Or Sugary (Hooray!)

One of the things you likely run into quite frequently as you reach for a snack is recognizing it’s not great for your oral health. Sure, it might be healthy, but maybe you’re grabbing a fruit smoothie or some healthy crackers. You know that the sugars and carbs feed the bacteria in your mouth. You can eat these things mindfully, of course, but when there are no worries it’s such a relief. This is the case when you eat dark leafy greens, explains your Riverside dentist. Chew with delight! They aren’t acidic or sugary.

They’re Usually Easy To Chew

Just about anyone can enjoy dark leafy greens without too much of a challenge. Remember, you can cook them to soften them up, so if you find their texture difficult to chew through or too hard, it’s just a matter of changing your preparation approach!

They Are Good For Your Oral Health

Don’t overlook the fact that what you eat plays quite a role in the health of your entire body, which in turn, supports your oral health. Your smile is connected to the rest of you, so one affects the other. Keep consuming that healthy stuff for comprehensive well being!

See Your Riverside Dentist For Nutrition Advice

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