You don’t want your children to eat tons of sugar. However, unless you’ve kept your little ones sugar free from birth, chances are they don’t feel the same way. Instead, you know as well as our Riverside, CA practice does: Chances are quite good with most kiddos that if they were given the chance to direct their own meals, there would be many sweets on the menu. So, what to do, you begin to wonder, when you want to let your children indulge but you also want to protect their oral health from the negative effects of sugar? Fortunately, this is some well-known territory amongst dental professionals! Your Riverside children’s dentist has just the suggestions for added clarity on this topic.

Don’t Hand Out Desserts Like They’re Nothing

Remember that when you offer dessert after lunch and dinner, your children expect it. Remember that when you head to the drugstore for candy every weekend, your children think this is just part of life! Take a moment to ask yourself how dessert plays a role in your family’s life. Will your kids make it through an evening without it or will there be tears? Your Riverside children’s dentist suggests only offering dessert after one meal a day at most. Of course, if you make dessert a “special” event, then it makes it much easier to limit it!

Come Up With Better Sweet Options

Eating a serving of strawberries as a dessert or to address a craving for something sweet is often just as satisfying as junk food. You may wish to begin incorporating sweet foods that are not simply loaded with table sugar or high fructose corn syrup into your life! Think about candies or other items flavored with xylitol (it’s sweet, natural, and it won’t lead to cavities). Consider fruits that you slice up! They’re much better for your family’s oral health, suggests your Riverside children’s dentist.

Keep It Out From Your Pantry And Fridge

If you have ice cream in the freezer, pudding in the refrigerator, and chocolate in the pantry, your kids will want it. They’ll ask for it. If you don’t have it in the house, then there’s nothing to worry about. This might be rough transition at first but remember: Children adjust quickly (and don’t worry, our team is very sure that you’ll adjust, too!).

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