What you want, and what everyone wants, for Halloween is for it to be just as safe as it is fun. When you have kiddos running about, getting excited about their get-ups, the chance to collect candy, the chance to eat that candy and more, you find yourself in quite the interesting situation! You have to be monitor of all things, which can make managing fun and safety a bit challenging. While you might feel worried about this, our Riverside, CA children’s dentist is on hand with suggestions that might make the holiday a lot less frightening!

Remember To Consider Trip-Factors

Our team wants you to remember that even though you may look on sugar as the worst offender possible on Halloween when it comes to your children’s oral health, there’s something else to think about: Tripping! Yes, your kids are a bit more resilient than you may be when it comes to taking a tumble but you still want to be careful if you’re collecting candy in the dark. Avoid smile-related injuries by remembering:

  • Bring a flashlight or other light source with you to light your pathway
  • Check that your children’s shoes are tied (double-knotting them might be a wise choice, suggests your children’s dentist)
  • Check that long costumes or skirts are not dragging on the ground, presenting a tripping hazard

The Adjectives To Remember For Foods To Avoid

There are, as you know, some foods to avoid or to simply remain cautious around when Halloween is underway. Since it’s not only candy that you need to look out for, your children’s dentist instead offers up some adjectives that should be your red flags. If you can describe what you’re about to eat with them, simply be careful:

  • Sugary
  • Sticky
  • Chewy
  • Hard
  • Stretchy

Make Other Halloween Treats Part Of Your Experience

Don’t forget that Halloween can still be fun even without putting the entirety of the focus on candy and sweets. Consider adding some other things into your experience that aren’t all about sugar, suggests your children’s dentist. Make it an annual event to decorate the house, carve pumpkins, eat pumpkin seeds, enjoy sweet potatoes, make and eat pumpkin soup, chomp on carrots, and more!

Keep Your Children’s Smiles Protected This Halloween With Our Advice

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