Your Riverside children’s dentist knows that your little ones are probably getting extremely excited about Halloween now that it is almost here! Our Riverside, CA team is excited for them! However, we also know that with all of the excitement of Halloween night, parties, trick-or-treating, and more, it’s easy to let the usual routine fall a bit lax and give your family a “just this one night…” excuse to ease up on the rules. While this sounds like fun, it’s not so lovely when you realize the consequences can become unpleasant. So, let’s talk about how to have the time of your lives, while also keeping up with the essential smile care your family needs for a truly wonderful night.

Put Candy Away Before Bed

We know that you’ll probably be tired. Your kids? Well, they may be ready for another five hours of fun (or, they may be completely zonked out from all of that sugar). Whatever the case, our Riverside children’s dentist encourages you to put the Halloween candy away. That includes the stuff your kiddos collect and the stuff that you might have by the door that you may be tempted to eat. This will ensure nobody unwraps one final, delightful piece right before going to sleep! Remember, eating candy and then falling asleep leaves your smile highly vulnerable to decay!

Brush Before Bed, No Matter What!

Of course, along the same lines of thinking, we remind you: It’s great to have fun, fun, fun! However, this is no time to simply hop into bed and turn the lights out without brushing teeth! It may be tempting, of course. Our team reminds you, though, that this is dangerous for your family’s oral health and it’s not a very good habit for the kids to pick up. Simply put candy away early enough that you still have energy to rinse, brush, floss, and then let your head hit the pillow, suggests your Riverside children’s dentist. When morning comes and everyone wakes up having practiced their dental hygiene, you’ll be happy you put in the smile protection effort!

Make Halloween Fun With Our Smile Tips

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